Microfilm 微电影

In these years of ups and downs, your companionship fuels my advancement!

— “Dream for Dreams”.

We are a group of young Chinese, full of ambition and hope, set foot on this unfamiliar but seemingly full of hope land-USA. However, after coming here, heavy school study, busy work, trivial life have forced many people among us to leave further and further from their dreams.

Although many people in the status quo, ups and downs in the workplace, the fire in their hearts never extinguish. They are waiting for opportunity, a chance to achieve self-worth! Unfortunately, majority of people fight alone to seek self-centered achievement. Ultimately, they wasted their lives in the process of waiting for the opportunity to pass again and again.

Cipher Ground, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in Princeton, USA, is the team behind the film “Dream for Dreams”. Cipher Ground is a new organization aimed to help North American highly educated Chinese talents to serve China.

The microfilm Cipher Ground launched is the world’s first theme of “Ph.Ds in Entrepreneurship”. This group of people is the God’s favored ones that friends and family always talk about, but how many people can understand their real lives and the hardships they meet in entrepreneurship? In the face of competition and pressure, the Ph.Ds will have difficulty in taking a step if they want to fight alone. By launching this microfilm, Cipher Ground aims to wake up the doctor’s sense of cooperation, guide them to establish enterprise by crowd wisdom, share bliss and misfortune together.

In the meantime, Cipher Ground ignites the collaboration sense of all the North America Chinese and elevates their influence and status in the United States. As the microfilm says, “Chinese, should unite together!”

Video link: https://youtu.be/tb7h_X6_wjE


–《Dream for Dreams 如果还敢梦》



注册在美国普林斯顿的501(c)(3)非营利组织赛福地 (Cipher Ground)是这部微电影《Dream for Dreams 如果还敢梦》的拍摄幕后团队。赛福地是一个旨在帮助北美高学历华人人才回中国创业的新型组织。