• Feasibility study;
  • Projectdocking, patent consulting;
  • Business Expansion to global markets, such as the US, EU, China, Africa and Australia market;
  • IPO, M & A, FA;
  • R & D center/park.


  • Leadership and Management;
  • Healthcare Industrial Experences: HR, General Regulatory, Cloud, FDA Inspections, HIPAA Compliance, Vaccines, Method Validation, Data Integrity, Medical Devices, Food, Pharma, Cosmetics, Pharmacogenomics and more.

Company Building

Cipher Ground has transformed hundreds of overseas doctor's cross-disciplined scientific and technological achievements, and has hatched and/or served many innovate companies, including Cipher Gene (, Lantsai Tech (, Innovaai (, Pressure Point(, Black Rhino and more. Cipher Ground have established a close and in-depth cooperation with China central government, embassies. Achievements of those companies have been widely covered by nearly 100 media, including Nasdaq, CBS, People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, China Daily.