About Cipher Ground

Cipher Ground is a non-profit organization dedicated to hatching intellectual property through social networking. From its Princeton headquarters, Cipher Ground attracts professional elites worldwide, builds project-centered teams according to their expertise and market demands. They, also help, brainstorm smarter business plans or academic proposals in fields ranging from biomedicine, and nanomaterials to clean energy and environmental protection. Cipher Ground integrates technology, capital and management to create novel value. This team oriented organization, helps us bypass the barriers of traditional academic and entrepreneur opportunities and therefore accelerates the process of technology translation. Unlike Linked-in where individuals are hunting jobs alone with their skill set, Cipher Ground is a place where individuals are united into teams with greater value than the sum of their parts.

Mission: Catalyze Innovation, Practise Hope, Expand Research.

Vision: To be a world-renowned institute where the boldest ideas are hatched and translated for the benefits of humanity.

Values: Collaboration, Innovation, Pragmatism, Honesty, Endeavor, Respect.

Goals: To build a world-class institute which hatches innovations in both academia and industry.
-To create ample opportunities for scientists to follow their own interests without pressure on funding.
-To exchange thoughts efficiently in a global manner, boost team formation, development and transformation of creative ideas.
-To benefit people across the globe by transferring innovative technologies from laboratory to industry.

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