Cipher Plantein 赛福普庭

Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Ebola and influenza affect billions of people worldwide, costing hundreds of billions of US dollars annually. To make medicine more safe and more affordable to patients, Cipher Plantein utilizes “molecular pharming”technologies in the large-scale production of pharmaceutically important and commercially valuable recombinant proteins from plants. Global market of molecular pharming will reach 80 billion US dollars by 2025. Based on corn endosperm, tobacco and alfalfa leaves, we supply low-cost and safe proteins on a large scale. The manufacturing cost is only about 10% of traditional microbial fermentation and 0.1% of mammalian cell culture. Our patented manufacturing process includes vector construction and transformation in laboratories, mass production in green-house and fields, storage, protein purification and product packaging, etc. We are dedicated to the mass production of recombinant therapeutic proteins. In pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutritional supplements and functional food industries, we provide customized services including design and mass production of safe protein drug intermediates and ingredients. Our goal is to produce safe, cost-effective medicine for the general public. Cipher Plantein, growing medicine for public health!

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癌症、糖尿病、埃博拉、流感等疾病肆虐全球,影响全球数10亿人,每年造成经济损失高达数千亿美元。为了让患者用上更安全、更实惠的药物,赛福普庭采用分子农场(molecular pharming)技术,在植物中大规模的生产具有重要药用和商业价值的重组蛋白。预计到2025年,全球分子农场市场将达到800亿美元。我们通过玉米胚乳、烟草和紫花苜蓿叶片规模化供应低成本和安全的重组蛋白。其生产成本大约是传统微生物发酵的10%,是哺乳动物细胞培养的0.1%。我们专利保护的生产流程包括实验室的载体构建与转化、温室和大田的生产、储藏、蛋白纯化和产品包装等环节。我们致力于重组蛋白药物的规模化生产。我们面向制药、化妆品、保健品和食品等企业提供设计和生产安全的药物中间体和原料的定制服务。我们的目标是让老百姓用的起安全有效的药物。赛福普庭,为普世健康种植药物!



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