At InnovaAi ( we create business and organizational products and solutions that help people efficiently solve problems critical to society.

We do so by addressing issues that have direct impact on the welfare of large segments of the global population in areas such as: Health, Finance, Education, Food Production and Environment and Energy, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Sensor Technologies and IoT, Advanced Data Management and Data Analytics.

At InnovaAi, we integrate business and technology solutions in innovative ways. Our work focuses on building products and solutions that create innovation, business transformation and optimization of the digital experience.

Current Products In Development

1. Facial Analysis Software for early detection of genetic syndromes;

2. Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system to be used by life sciences organizations and companies in all stages of clinical research;

3. Product Development Database for accelerating product development in Biopharmaceuticals/Medical Devices, from lead identification to commercialization.

What We Do