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Pressure Point to Present at the 2018 Cipher Ground Healthcare Investment and Strategy Conference in Shenzhen, China This Month

Published: Jan 03, 2018

Cipher Ground a Chinese investment advisory group based in Beijing and the USA has invited Pressure Point Inc. to present their China project at the healthcare conference on January 16th. The conference hosts are the Philadelphia Municipal Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Government.  Pressure Point Inc. has been designated as a project recommendation by the conference’s organizer, Cipher Ground.

Pressure Point Inc. is the developer of the Pressure Right® acupressure skin contact tape medical device approved for the prevention of nausea and vomiting especially after surgery or for treating non-surgery repeating cases of nausea and vomiting complications.

The Pressure Right value-added acupressure medical device has received approvals from the US and Chinese Food and Drug Administration for its medical application. In China, Pressure Right is recognized as a Class II value-added medical device for surgery use. Pressure Point will begin to market its Pressure Right device to China’s 29,140 hospitals in 2018. Chinese physicians are readily open to the utilization of a medical acupressure platform, such as Pressure Right, because of the positive and natural remedy effect it can have on patients with virtually no restrictions or side effects.

Dr. Wei Li, Founder, President & CEO of Cipher Ground, said, “The Pressure Point China project, which is already set in motion for 2018 as a cleared CFDA medical device for China patient surgery use, will be one of the highlighted companies at conference for investors because it is in line with the global development strategy of China’s One Belt and One Road initiative.”

Dr. Li further added, “Companies who identify with China’s government development programs have a much higher rate of commercial success in doing business in China.”

Joseph DiLustro, CEO, Pressure Point Inc., said, “We are grateful for the invitation and project recommendation status we received from the conference organizer. The timing of the investment and strategy conference in Shenzhen is welcomed by our company. We see an extremely bright future in China for our company’s product.”

“We are extremely thankful to the Chinese FDA for granting us Class II medical device clearance approval for Pressure Right. It will now allow our China sales distribution channels the opportunity to reach out to the many thousands of Chinese hospitals and the many millions of surgery patients in China that can mutually benefit from our medical device strategy, according to DiLustro.”

DiLustro, added, ”We are indeed thankful to Dr. Li for inviting our company to the conference.  It’s an honor and privilege for me to represent our company before such an esteemed group of inspired participants who want to share in China’s healthcare future.”

Among the expected attendees at the conference will be members of the Philadelphia International Business Commerce Community, distinguished Chinese investors interested in overseas enterprises, VIP guests, government officials and invited top media in China including Xinhua News Agency, China CCTV, China National Radio, China News Service, Chinese American Post, China and World highlights Press, Shenzhen TV, Shenzhen Daily and more.

The conference is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors who want to participate in China’s growing healthcare market.


Dr. Wei Li, Founder, President & CEO

Cipher Ground

Joseph DiLustro, CEO

Pressure Point Inc.

International China Project

Tinton Falls, NJ USA



Phone: +1-908-601-8877

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